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Hi everyone. My name is Amit Huloomaun. I'm a citizen of Mauritius. My passion for games goes back since childhood. Starting with gameboys to console/PC gaming.

The last decade, I have been developing web applications. Everything started with simple websites to professional web apps. A few years ago I developed a counter strike website which aroused my interest in game development. I replicated, back then, popular games like Dragon City and Criminal Case, browser based. Eventually I developed a social game list web app, wiki-style, editable by users - turn out to be useless.

I wanted to go further with game development, but my limited knowledge in question discouraged me. I knew if I wanted to continue everything would be self-taught and I simply was not willing to spend time upskilling in that domain. It was already tedious writing codes in day to day work. Starting from 2015 my working environment triggered many changes in me. Upskilling all of a sudden became trivial and at the same theme an undying will to develop games started to awake in me.

As of September 2016 I have been studying Unity for game development. I created many prototypes but the design I wasn't satisfied which pushed me into learning blender. A complete nightmare when I started using blender. Eventually I dropped Game Development in January 2017 and restarted in April 2017. I found myself stuck in a loop, creating prototypes, but lacked in design. I forced myself again to learn blender, sometime I slept at my desk while watching tutorials on YouTube, and my persistence showed minor results. It might have been easier if I wasn't working during the Day, but then again, perhaps I wouldn't have been organized because you know when you work for a Company it's all about f* time management.

As of now, I'm not willing to give up on game development. The objective is to succeed.

My beloved girlfriend and fellow students, friends, colleagues and families, thank you for supporting me.


Amit Huloomaun


Head of Training/ Programme Coordinator @ The Professional Learning Centre Ltd.


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